Frequently asked questions

Is Beach Haven West located on Long Beach Island?

Beach Heaven West is not located on Long Beach Island, it is on the mainland.  Long Beach Island is about 5 minutes away.  Click here to view a map.

How far is the beach?

The beach is not with-in walking distance, there is a beach on the bay that is about 3-4 minutes by car no beach badges are required and the beach on the ocean is about 5-7 minutes by car and beach badges are provided for that beach.

Who is on the second floor?

The second floor is where the owner stays mostly on weekends with family and friends.  During the week no one is on the second floor.

Can I rent the second floor?

  The second floor is not available for rent.

What weeks are available and how much are they?

Click here availability and the prices.

What kind of neighborhood is the house in?

The neighborhood is quite and it is mostly families.

I am 20 years old can me and my friends rent?

I am and sorry I don't rent to groups unless everyone in the group is over 26 year old NO EXCEPTIONS.

What happens if I have to cancel and I already sent the deposit?

You would lose your 50% deposit unless I am able to re-rent that week then your deposit would be returned.  If you need to cancel contact me as soon as possible this way you have a better chance to get you deposit returned. 

Do I need to supply my own linens and towels?

Yes you need to supply your own linens.  I supply pillows and blankets.

Is there a VCR or a DVD player?

Yes there are both in the living room.

How big is the boat dock?

The boat dock is 35 feet.  The largest boat that could be docked would be a 30 foot boat.

How long does it take to get to the bay by water?

It takes about 10 minutes from the dock to the bay.

Is there a boat launch near by?

Yes there a boat launch about 5 minutes away and I will be happy to show you how to get to the house by water.

If you have any other questions please email or call 973-632-0274 and will add them to this page.

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